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Apr 25, 2019 18:44:05

Open Collaboration 1

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It's not a secret that since the internet appeared, there has been a massive progress in technology and many other areas. But is it enough? Can we go faster? I believe that we can and need to but first let's try to understand why internet is such a powerful progress stimulator?

There are two main factors that in my opinion contribute to the immense world progress through the use of internet and computers. The first one is transparency or openness. When all the information in the world is available to everyone, the global intelligence is growing. People can learn things they need to in seconds, without going to school or library. Transparency of processes and openness of the information is changing the way we learn. Knowledge is not as valuable nowadays as the ability to find and manage large amounts of information, as well as deal with ambiguity.

The second factor is collaboration. Internet allows people all over the world to collaborate and tackle large issues, find solutions to difficult problems together. A tech student from Alaska can collaborate with an entrepreneur from Nigeria and an artist from Russia. Together they can set ambitious goals and achieve them — this wouldn't be possible without internet.

However, I believe that there is not enough collaboration happening on the internet right now. Transparency shouldn't be left on the side either. A great example of collaboration on the internet is Github. Developers can create software together — this is amazing! Nevertheless, the kind of open collaboration that happens on Github is almost closed to other creatives like designers, marketers, artists, or even entrepreneurs. 

That's why we are creating Pink Turtles —  a project that aims to become the hub for open collaboration for all kinds of creatives, from entrepreneurs to programmers. We will be building it and figuring out everything along the way. If you have some ideas or want to help us — leave a comment here or DM us on Twitter. Such an ambitious project can only be created through the power of open collaboration, and you can become a part of it.

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