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May 10, 2019 08:01:11

Open Collaboration 2

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Open source culture is powerful and important in the modern world. Open source technology gives developers the ability to collaborate openly and do things it wouldn't be possible to do alone — and they don't need to have a financial incentive to do that. They can just solve their own problems collectively.

Open source is about code and software, so the majority of the people who are a part of it are developers. But imagine if everyone, no matter what they specialize in, had the ability to easily collaborate in the open space, just like developers can. 

  • Designers could collaborate with marketers and developers in order to build even better software. 
  • Artists could collaborate with each other to create multimedia art. 
  • Medics could collaborate to quickly come up with solutions for difficult cases.

The internet gives us the power of worldwide collaboration but we are not using its powers to the fullest yet. We learned how to socialize and have fun together, entertaining each other with interesting Tweets and articles. The next step would be learning how to solve problems together, explore the world and create things together — without any external guidance, with the ease of posting a photo on Instagram.

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