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May 31, 2019 22:33:17

Opening 200 Words

by @craigpetterson PATRON | 200 words | 315💌

Craig Petterson

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Talking about yourself is difficult. Why not try to professionally introduce myself in just 200 words.

Since finishing my degree and starting my career as a Software Developer, I've learnt the importance of self improvement, both personally and professionally.

I've developed an interest in maintaining great habits, using that strong emphasis on self improvement from learning styles to professional skills such as development techniques, time management and management skills.

Being statistically driven, I've tracked many habits, trends and progress to see how I can change, grow and improve. I feel this has been key to progressing my career and keeping myself accountable.

As an experienced developer, I enjoy getting stuck into a problem, understand the issue and looking for a simple, clean solution and enjoy sharing my knowledge with other developers by mentoring new starters, pair programming and posting content online.

I've been looking to take on a more senior role and leading my own projects, which is what led me to start managing my own projects under my trading name of Calajo. Managing my own projects has led me to develop skills outside of my usual role, such as working with clients, DevOps, Design, UX and other business management skills.

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