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Mar 19, 2019 16:09:53

Organize your life

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Julia Saxena

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I've saved this quote from Eva Jorgensen some time ago and just rediscovered it.

Once a year (or whenever something new comes up—new baby, new job, illness, move…) pretend your life is an overflowing closet. In order to really get it organized, you can’t just remove one or two things here or there. You have to take everything out and then one by one put the most important things back in. When you get to a point where it feels good—close to full, but not crowded or crammed—stop. Get rid of everything else. Sometimes you have to get rid of good things in your life in order to make room for the best things.

I think this is something everybody should do on a frequent basis: reevaluating everything in one's life. All too often, the years just pass by, and we complain about this or that without really changing anything. 

Let's not wait for a special moment to arrive. It can feel as if it's too late at that point. We can make a change at any time. We just have to pause and think clearly about what is really valuable to us and what we should let go. Let's do it now!

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