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Mar 07, 2019 17:42:45


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Victoria Maung

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I think being organized is underrated. I find that organization habits help me to cognitively offload my schedule and tasking, improve my design workflow, and reduce error rate.

Firstly, being organized is useful for everyday scheduling. I have always been a casual adopter of the day planner ever since elementary school, and that naturally transitioned into use of Google calendar. I enter all of my classes and engagements religiously into Google calendar. If I call into question a mailed traffic ticket, for example, I can quickly whip up my calendar to see where I was. Google calendar is also a proxy diary for me, which further motivates me to keep on top of my classes, events, and meetings. Today, I use a combination of Google calendar, Google keep, and sticky notes to keep track of my short-term and long-term tasking.

Then, as a student designer, I find that being anal about organization really pays off. As a future medical illustrator, I work between different computers and two personal laptops. The arsenal of software I use include various Adobe and Autodesk software. Taking the time to make sure my elements are all named, layer organization and hierarchies are intuitive, and files are all probably sorted pays off when I put together, for instance, an animation. Furthermore, I have a notebook for documentation as I work through different projects to annotate everything I do and need to do for a project. For documentation and cloud storage, I use a hybrid of a manual notebook, Evernote, and two personal USB storage drives.

Being hyperorganized has helped me to backtrack when I run into errors, reduce errors, and give me quick access to the information I need. Sometimes, taking the extra ten seconds or even couple minutes to put things in their right place (in both the physical and digital world) really saves me from so much trouble. 

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    @vickenstein Finally an article about organization that does not mention Marie Kondo! It certainly sounds like you have your @#%#! together. Your future employers/clients will be fortunate to have an illustrator who is as organized and focused as you are.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 07, 2019 09:52:21
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      @brandonwilson haha, thanks Brandon! I'm definitely trying to be more on top of things for this calendar year! There's always room for improvement, if you have any tips as well

      Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Mar 07, 2019 19:55:12
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