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Mar 16, 2019 19:19:03

Origin Stories

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Keenen Charles

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I just saw Captain Marvel and throughout a lot of the movie I kept thinking "I can't wait to see the sequel". It's a pretty good movie but I find myself having this thought with a lot of superhero origin movies.

Origin stories are important. It establishes the world and characters and gets you invested in their struggles. But they're also beholden to those tasks, unlike later sequels. Sequels have the advantage of not needing to lay any groundwork. They can focus on the interesting details that were only mentioned in the origin. They can take risks because they're assured the audience already appreciates the world and characters.

It's no wonder then that the superhero movies widely regarded as the best are sequels. Superhero stories, in particular, have to establish a fantastical world and make you believe in it. They have to create stakes that feel real even though you know the hero will eventually find a way. When it's time for a sequel the creators are free to explore that world more deeply.

It's a good sign then that I left with excitement for a sequel. The origin story did its job successfully. It may not have blown me away but it got me to care about this world. Now it's up to the sequel to take it to another level.

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