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Feb 21, 2019 02:56:27

Out of Control

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Basile Samel

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This post is a personal reminder to let go.

We all have moments of doubts. Sometimes those doubts turn into fear. The good thing with fears is that you can overcome them. You either learn to rationalize what scares you or, if it's an irrational fear, you can meet a therapist when it gets debilitating. Rationalization is a great defense mechanism when it's used to overcome psychological blocks - not when it's used to create excuses that will sabotage your efforts or someone else's.

Take a good look at what frightens you. Ask yourself a simple question: is it something within my control?

If you can identify clear steps to avoid a scary outcome, just take those steps right now. Setting a wheel in motion has a soothing effect. All you have to do is to keep going. This feeling of control, the confidence you gain by just sitting down and putting in the work will eventually vanquish the fear that was paralyzing you. Just repeat whenever it happens, and until you succeed. Fear of failing an exam? Just sit down and study carefully. Fear of not delivering your project on time? Plan, work.

If a fear is out of reach, why should you worry about it? There is nothing you can do. Dread is not a solution, it only makes your life more miserable right now, but only possibly in a distant future. Epicurus didn't fear death, because death is inevitable: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo. Similarly, I shall act upon what is within my control, and be devoid of care about what isn't. 

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