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Jun 03, 2019 20:51:47

Out of my depth

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Felix U-O

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There are times when I read books or posts and feel completely at a loss as to what is being said, even though it sounds beautiful or worthy or important.  And I consider myself a fairly intelligent person whose first language (in terms of mastery, not chronology) is English.  This happened to me twice in the last couple of days.  The first instance was a review of a book (about global economics) and the second was a book recommended to me by a friend.  Strangely I enjoyed reading these words in both cases; even though I didn't feel I understood what they were saying I gained pleasure and felt better for having experienced those words.  I wonder if that's silly and pointless.

I am embarking on a second stint at university starting this coming autumn, so I will more than likely feel overwhelmed on a regular basis, at least to begin with.  I hope that I can advance from wonder and awe to something approaching a grasp of the concepts I will have to grapple with.

I am very supportive of initiatives to use plain English in contexts where fancy language clouds the issue (such as the legal profession or religion).  I also hate meaningless faddish jargon, as exemplified in The Thick of It or W1A, or probably every profession out there.  However, I am grateful for those writings which are sheer beauty, something to be appreciated, grappled with, re-engaged with in the hope of gaining new insight.

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