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Dec 29, 2018 18:48:21

Own up

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Victoria Maung

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Another resolution (hey, why not?) of mine is to own up to my mistakes.

Too often, I avoid apologizing by rationalizing. "I assumed you were not going to use that," or "Well, this is how we do it at my old office." 

Or sometimes I find myself prevaricating. "What about that thing you were talking about earlier?" or "regardless of what just happened, let's move on to the more important issue at hand."

For most of my life, I neglected to realize how important the act of saying "sorry" actually is. 

People demand apologies from corporations. People were upset at Zuckerberg's end-of-year reflection on the growth of Facebook because it sounds like a non-apology, skirting the issue of the data scandal. 

People even say "sorry" preemptively on the streets when other people bump into them because it is a signal of social peace--that we give others the benefit of the doubt. 

I'll try to avoid being overly apologetic, but there'll undoubtedly be instances where I will verbally take responsibility in a matter, even if it is on behalf of my colleagues, friends, or unforeseen circumstance.

I'm also trying to get people to be more critical of me because I can come off as too nice sometimes. But that might be a separate issue. 

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