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Apr 22, 2019 02:00:03

Part 11

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Daniel Miller

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For some reason, gambling online felt like a bigger moral failing than playing at all those casinos did. It also lacked the aesthetic nuance that Andy had come to enjoy. He nearly rolled his eyes as he logged in with his newly created account and said his magic words, "Let me win tonight."

And he did win. Sort of. Something about the mediation of the experience made Andy more audacious. He won once or twice at his normal bet size to test the waters, then bet his entire pot...and lost it. He deposited more money and continued to win...and lose. He was used to losing some, but historically the tides were always in his favor. This time, after two hours on the site, he was pretty much just at break even. Not terrible, to be sure, but he was used to the near-constant rush of winning. After a couple more hours and no major gains, he cashed out and logged off.

"Well...that was weird and unfulfilling," Andy said out loud to himself. He cracked open a Coke and watched TV for a while, but couldn't shake how disconcerted he felt. Had his "lucky streak" come to an end? Something else felt off, and he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

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