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May 19, 2019 00:06:34

Part 22

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Daniel Miller

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Andy got the job. In college, he had written an entire web search engine in just one of his classes. Now he was copying marketing copy into HTML and cranking out JSON APIs for front-end developers in another country.

"I need to do something more interesting," Andy mumbled under his breath one day. The next day his manager stopped by his desk and informed him that there was an emergency situation at a client site in Omaha. Andy was to learn about that particular system overnight and fly to Nebraska in the morning.

"I need to remember all this shit," Andy said with disgust as he settled down with the company wiki that night and checked out the repository for that product. And he did. He'd later wonder to himself why he'd never tried that in college. The answer was he had never thought to. He'd never needed to.

"I need Omaha to not be boring," Andy quietly said as he boarded the flight. And it wasn't to be.

"I need these customers to be cool," he said in the Uber from the airport.

"Yeah?" his Uber driver asked. "What are you doing in Omaha?"

"Working," Andy said. "I need to get better at small talk," he told his driver and the universe simultaneously. That lead to pleasant conversation. He couldn't remember ever having a congenial conversation with a stranger.

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