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May 22, 2019 23:46:55

Part 23

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Daniel Miller

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"I need to do the right things."

Andy discovered and remedied the problem by lunch. He still couldn't believe they paid $2000 plus his expenses for him to work half a day, all because they refused to make the machine accessible from the outside. 

"While you're here," his customer point-of-contact, Bill, said and pulled him into a meeting. There was a heated discussion, and Andy listened. Finally, after an hour, Bill said, "Andy, what do you think?" Andy suggested his company's new cloud offering might solve the problems they were having.

"No, no. Sam would never go for that," a woman across the conference table said. Andy had heard that name a couple of times throughout the meeting. He wondered who this mythical Sam person was. He imagined him sitting in a dimly lit room at the end of a long, dark hallway. Company minions were sent down that hall to extract signatures or opinions. They would shake and wince the entire way.

"Let's call her," Bill said and reached for the conference phone in the middle of the table. The air thickened. Eyes widened. He hit a button on the phone and the electric dial-tone screamed like a cheap alarm. Then he hit the buttons, slowly and methodically. 3. 2. 7. 0. #. The phone rang.

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