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Jan 10, 2019 06:30:00

Part 3

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Daniel Miller

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"The world breaks everyone."

This time the poet said it as clearly as if he were standing on that stage at the university.

"It kills, he said!" he said, pointing his finger into the air, "It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave!"

At this, the poet belched and the smell of numerous alcoholic beverages mixed together filled the entire section of the train car. 

"Joseph, however, remains unbroken!" the poet exclaimed, and with that, stood, took three staggered steps and stumbled out the doors, just as they slid open.

"Wha...?" Joseph quietly spoke out loud as he watched the man walk away, the doors sliding closed and the train lurching forward once again. The right questions couldn't form in his brain fast enough. He wanted to run after the man, to win back enough time to think of what to ask, but it was too late.

"What the actual fuck," he managed. He looked around in disbelief as if he were breaking the fourth wall. There were only a few other passengers in the train car, and they were just far away enough to have not noticed the exchange, faces buried in their phones, earbuds creating safe isolation.

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