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Feb 21, 2019 13:36:03

Part 48: Find out what it ISN'T

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Aaron Maurer

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I picked up the book by Anne Lamot after not reading it for several years and randomly opened to a page I highlighted many years ago:

“...you are learning what you aren’t writing, and this is helping you to find out what you are writing. Think of a fine painter attempting to capture an inner vision, beginning with one corner of the canvas, painting what he thinks should be there, not quite pulling it off, covering it over with white paint, and trying again, each time finding out what his painting isn’t, until finally he finds out what it is.”

This has been my journey. Each morning I feel like I sit at the keyboard longer and longer attempting to figure out what exactly I will write. 

Each morning I go through this mental checklist of what I should write about.

I could write about this? No, that won’t work.

What about this? No

I could explore this topic? No

The “NO” becomes stronger each day.

Finally, the time pushes me to the brink to get ready for the day and I have to begin or else I won’t get it done.

This journey of being consistent is helping me define where all these words are leading me.

In life, we all go through the same thing. The key is to stay consistent. Study the patterns. Find out where you are going by paying attention to ideas that stay present and where you drop off ideas.

Part of success is processing the elements that have brought you to this point in your journey.

Part of success is processing what you covered up, discarded, and ignored, and revisiting these thoughts to see if someone(ourselves) may need them as you continue to travel down this path.

Maybe the key idea to breakthrough is not a new idea, but a discarded one that is the answer to this checkpoint in our destination.

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