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Mar 08, 2019 12:18:45

Part 61: Yodel

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Aaron Maurer

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The world is not what we expect. The world does things and creates things we don’t expect. 

The world creates a wonder that is both delightful and scary.

How many times have you seen something or witnessed something that feels surreal. Your brain spins and you think it is real or could be real, but end up just scratching your head unsure because maybe it is not.

It is with this concept you need to realize the ideas that keep you up at night about whether your idea could happen, can happen. 

I challenge you to make the ideas in your head you label impossible and convert to a concept of possible and plausible.

If you don’t think your idea could happen, then change your frame of thinking. Gather around with your friends and yodel the idea. Share the idea in a new format. Yodel away. 

You will smile. It will embarrass you. You will say your idea in a new voice and tone. And it is in these moments you realize your ideas can happen.

If you are brave enough to yodel, then you are brave enough to make the ideas plausible. Get yodeling! It really is that simple.

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