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Jan 24, 2019 23:06:45

Perfection dilutes end results.

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Bri Jewell

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When we aim for perfection, we unexpectedly confine ourselves to the parameters which we have just set. When we aim for perfection, we are aiming to complete a task in the exact way we envision it is supposed to be in the beginning. And rarely consider new variables as perfect, or part of the process. In setting ourselves up for perfection, we are often disappointed when these hidden discoveries arise. Unknowingly, this disappointment robs us of the realization that we are actually pushing past perfection and discovering something new. To be perfect-as we thought-is really to be perfect at expected routine. It is to expect the expected and not prepare for the unexpected. 

Striving for perfection sets us up for a negative paradigm of ourselves, our capabilities and our potential. By focusing more on the aspect of perfection than the task at hand, we are using perfection as the measure of success rather than a metric to help evaluate our success. 

To describe something as an imperfection is to really describe something as unexpected. Imperfections are an indicator that despite our desire to do a task properly, we can not envision the unexpected. The unexpected is essentially unexpectable.

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