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May 12, 2019 12:32:10

personal development habits

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Cuz writing from the Coffee shop was successful the last time. I decided to go to Starbucks again. It's good to change some stereotypes sometimes.

As I'm reading the Atomic habits book now I think a lot about my habits.

So let's see my habits which could lead to something more if I am talking about working or personal development. (I mean working on my side projects, not my regular full-time job). 

I think I am above average reader - even though last year was the weakest one and I had read just about 5 books but since 2010 I would say the average was about 15-20 books per year with the record 36. It's not anything special but I think I can count it as a good habit. :) I read everything, fiction, nonfiction, self-help, etc.

Since 2016 I have been writing a personal blog. Until now was published 111 posts. It's about 30 posts per year. Now I am back on track and trying to write one post per week.

I have 125 days streak of writing on 200WaD.

I have 133 days streak on Duolingo (2 exercises per day) I am learning Spanish. I had already longer streak last year but then I stopped for a long time. I started from zero knowledge of Spanish. I don't think I can talk in Spanish now but at least I can understand some headlines and so. I don't have any native speaker around me to talk to and practice.:/

5 years ago I began to play the guitar. In the begining, I practiced a lot but now I am having a long break without playing. I would say I am getting worse than better.

Since end of January I am writing 10 ideas a day - inspired my James Altucher idea machine

This is not really regular habit but every year I try to make a new website project which could bring me some money. I started with web design when I was 14 years old since then I didn't develop my coding skills much but I am in love/hate relationship with websites already 16 years hehe. In the beggining I was making website just for my family, later I had some affiliate sites (the only affil. site which made me some money was with funny t-shirts prints it could make about 300USD/month in the strongest time, don't know why I stopped it :D), I had own e-commerce site with gym bags it was a good experience but businesswise disaster, last year I tried classic Aliexpress dropshipping I built the store but didn't sell anything ... This year so far I focus just on my blog, I plan to make something new but no right idea came to my mind yet. I did just some docs in Coda and started making videos about it but I don't count it as a project cuz it is more just for content to my blog :).

Not regularly but always doing some sport - snowboarding, surfing, boxing, running, play soccer I don't really care which ..  the sports are just a big part of me.

........... and that's it. It could be definitely better hehe.


Stay with me. Efran.

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