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May 24, 2019 06:17:56

Personal immunity

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Victoria Maung

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The New Yorker published an article titled "Jefferson, Adams, and the SAT's New Adversity Factor." Apparently the College Board is beginning to measure socioeconomic disadvantage with an "adversity score." I think it's not going to work because there's always a way to game the system. And the writer argues that this only distracts from the fallacious practice that college admissions is so dependent on test scores to begin with.

FiveThirtyEight gave an analysis as to Why The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Escalating. The politicization of abortion has resulted in increasing abortion restrictions by state legislatures since 2010, such as earlier bans on abortions, mandatory ultrasound requirements, longer waiting periods, width of corridors, distance from hospitals, and so much more. Even though this trend counters the fact that most Americans favor the right to a first trimester abortion, the steam is undoubtedly building, and who knows how this will affect 2020.

I read a Facebook post in which a pharmacist countered an anti-vaccination, conspiracy-theorist mother by asking her, "Have you considered the possibility that anti-vaccine propaganda could be an attempt by the Russians or the Chinese to weaken the health of the United States population?" It worked.

Here's another interesting Facebook post that addresses something Alexandra Erin called the "Shirley Exception." Go read it.

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