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Jun 25, 2019 03:10:09

Pharmacy Beer

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We were from the suburbs, so paying for parking was a thing we didn't like to do. The three of us would spend over ten minutes trying to find free parking, ending up in strange streets far away from the venue where we'd buy four dollar beers at.

One of my favorite things to do at this time was go to a pharmacy/convenience store -- Rite Aid was the brand -- and buying 24 ounce cans of beer or malt liquor. There was this brand Steele Reserve, which had 8 percent alcohol by volume. And it costed 99 cents. So that was 2 Busch Lights worth for a dollar. I'd usually get two of those and that would be a decent evening's relaxing drink.

It tasted bad. But that didn't matter. Because the people around me were young and beautiful and we didn't need to do anything. We just simply had to let the time pass... and if enough of it passed then we would be college grads. And then we would have careers and families. We'd have lives. But until then, the only thing we needed to do was let the time pass. And I think being from the suburbs, we were really good at that.

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