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Mar 08, 2019 16:19:21


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"Pee-d-za-aah! this is how they say in an advertisement. It's not a word but an emotion.But hey! I am not a pizza fan when it comes to eating. Visually I love it,thanks to those T.V ads. The golden brownish crust with gooey cheese bursting and dangling between your mouth and the pizza, toppings falling from above on the base.I felt like taking a bite from the T.V when it was first introduced in my country. For a middle school student like me pizza was comparitively expensive than an Veg or egg puff which costed just 10. A puff pastry or a milk cake ( a dull white coloured sweet which costed just 2 rupees) was more than enough to satiate that little after-school hunger.

At the age 26,I got to taste my first original pizza ( I guess so) from "Dominos".It did have the image as shown in the ads but the taste didn't impress me.Tasted like warm flat chewy bread with cheese and veggies. Nothing tasted special but left my stomach full after eating a slice. After that i ate pizza of different stores on several occasions but not more than a slice.

I realized that my taste buds and gut are more accomodated to Indian Delicacies. Moreover being a health concious person I've started to avoid this "Super junk food"

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