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Mar 08, 2019 16:31:15

Pizza 🍕

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Abhinaya Konduru

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I miss eating pizza frequently. When I was in college couple of years ago, I would find pizza at every student organization meeting that I went too. By the end of my college days, I was sick of it and didn't want to eat it anymore. 

I was wrong. I just love pizza. 

After graduating, I didn't have a single slice of pizza for 6 months. Then one day one of my friends was having a rough day and she just wanted to eat pizza and hangout. 

We did just that except we had to order another pie because we ate the first one in 10 minutes. 

But for some reason, I feel guilty when ever I eat pizza even though I know I like it.  I never researched into it but I always hear these voice of "too high in carbs", "cheese is not good as you get older" and "it's not good for your body".

So finding balance for it is hard. I have settled on eating pizza at least once a month. Everything on it from cheese, onions, olives, peppers, pineapple etc., and through in a deep dish pizza once in a while there because I live in a city where you will come across one wherever you are. 

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    @itsabhinaya Long live pizza! Although you just had to mention pineapple...Ugh

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 08, 2019 09:19:03
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      @brandonwilson have you tried it though?

      Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Mar 09, 2019 07:25:52
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      @itsabhinaya When I was a kid I was forced to eat pineapple, and let's just say it came back up just as quickly as it went down. Ever since that experience even the smell of pineapple is enough to turn my stomach.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 09, 2019 11:35:45
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