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Mar 09, 2019 21:12:53

Pizza 🍕

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Gokila Sakthi Ram

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Pizza is nothing but chapter 3 of LKG mathematics. Wonder how?? Yes it's shapes. Because you could see all shapes which you could teach any kids easily filling their tummy with added sauce.

The pizza base is the circle or sphere whatever, may be the border may be thick, you can trim that even. If half-cut, you can call it as semi circle or hemisphere. But don't try to look into the other side. You will hate that burnt colour, sometimes, you could change the idea of continue eating. 

How big is the size of pizza, that much triangles you can cut. Actually triangle is an interesting shape where you could see many kinds like isosceles, acute, obtuse, right angled, scalene and equilateral. Anyhow pizza triangle is often isosceles if I am not wrong. 

And if you detach a single triangle or single pizzalet I would say and make it stand upright, you can have it as an example for cone shape.

For squares and rectangles, we can go for chicken toppings, as those baked small pieces will be either in square or rectangle in shape. 

Coming to ring shape, it can be either big as onion rings or small as my favourite olive rings. Don't try to wear, it's just to cheer the pizzas. 

Some pizzas are itself heart in shape. Some may be topped with green capsicums carved in star shape. 

Where comes cube ?? You may ask. It's the packed cfb box to my imagination. 

@jasonleow :

Reading this weekly topic - Pizza 🍕 by jasonleow, I wish to convey that I haven't tasted pizza cooked by you....

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    @gokiram yes of course you haven't. I doubt there's any chance haha. But this topic is sooo fun!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Mar 10, 2019 22:03:46
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