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Sep 09, 2019 12:18:59


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There are always moments in life where we feel like no progress is being made. Things are stagnating, our actions feel sluggish, as if our entire body was stuck in moving sands: we hit a plateau.

A growth plateau is not a bad thing, it's just our brain telling us we need to reinvent ourselves. 

It happens all the time to sports practitioners. They just have to get back to the basics and proceed again from there to the top. When a weightlifter hits a plateau for example, the training program is slightly changed and the weights are lowered to a minimum.

Similarly, we have to learn to regularly re-evaluate our course of action, from our primary objectives to the daily habits supporting them.

A plateau is the end of an iteration in our personal growth cycle, and as such, overcoming a plateau is figuring out how to optimize the current iteration to reach higher heights: what can we change now to do better next time?

We start with our needs and dreams. We break them down into meaningful goals and short-terms objectives. Daily life is then designed to serve those objectives through micro-habits, the tasks we complete each day.

The difference between an intellectual and a physical plateau is the frequency: the former ones appears much more often than the latter if your intensity is right, to the point where reinvention becomes a habit itself. 

Don't despair, get some air, develop a new flair.

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