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Oct 17, 2019 21:31:04

Playing startup make-believe

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Tim Glaser

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When building a startup, it's easy to fantasise about how the business will run.

"It'll all be automated, people will find me through my content, they'll pay using Stripe (so I can put the stats on /open), they'll understand what I've built without help and I won't even have to nudge them to do anything"

The reality tends to be different.

Customers won't find you.

They'll want to pay using bank transfers or invoicing.

They'll need lots of hand holding to even click a sign up link -- let alone start using your product.

They won't just tell their colleagues/friends/lovers about it without nudging.

I call this playing startup make-believe and it's a trap I've fallen into before. But you've got to grit your teeth and accept doing an invoice, accept doing a free training even if you don't think it's worth the hassle or even spending money on ads just to test some ideas.

It's annoying, because you want your business to be simple, and you want to feel like one of those cool ProductHunt startups that seem to exist in an ethereal world where they can get to $100k ARR with just a landing page. That's not the reality for most businesses (and probably not even the ProductHunt ones).

So just do the difficult thing.

It'll be worth it.


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    @timglaser oh man I hear you ...everyday at a startup seems to be walking between 2 worlds of make-believe/grand visions versus gut-punching reality

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Oct 18, 2019 22:38:37
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    @timglaser thanks for this, i fell for this too before

    Deden Fathurahman avatar Deden Fathurahman | Oct 18, 2019 17:04:59
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