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Mar 14, 2019 21:57:34

Polar the movie...

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Today I came to see my parents and my young brother brought with him a movie. Now, in African settings, it's rarely to sit with your parents watching a movie in the house. It rarely happens.

But today was different, we were invited to dine with my parents and with nothing to pass time, my brother had an idea: why not watch a movie together? I am not a fan of movies but what the heck?...I'll watch it.

My mother asked what the movie was about, in which my brother said it was a nice recent released action movie. So he pulled out his disk drive with a lot of movies in it but he insisted on this particular movie because it was new and no one in the family has ever watched it.

The movie started with  a nice scene of guys walking over the town and then panning out to a room of gangsters and other bad guys planning a raid in another area of the town.

The scene is followed by a sequence showing us a room then....Boom! two women having sex with BIG dildos!

The sex scene is so intense and my mother runs out of the sitting room, while my father collects his composure...my young brother runs for a remote control. It's not working.

The screams continues....

The scene continues with two women moaning...it's embarassing at this moment and I feel like I want to bury myself in the sand.

Finally, I reached out for the socket and force switch off the TV.

Game over.

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