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Jun 05, 2019 06:20:50


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Victoria Maung

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The problem with discussing politics, I feel, is that you're essentially asking, "Based everything you know about history, tell me who you think is the leader that will make the best decisions for a wide strata of people?" Or "How you feel about this issue or person?" Different people from diverse walks of life might understand the nature of politics in a different ways: as a tool to protect societal well-being, a utilitarian operation of large populations to protect individual liberty, or a vehicle for maintaining morality. 

But regardless of whether informed opinion or visceral feeling, I think it's important to be, even if passively, a participant of current events. The inclusivity of civic engagement is powerful. Politics shouldn't be exclusive to an educated class of elites whose opinions are legitimate because they have the privilege to be in the geopolitical, economic, or historical know. It's just as fair to have an opinion about politics even if you don't know much about political history, even if your opinion is just that you think you're being taxed too much or if you just want better access to your local Planned Parenthood clinic. 

When states become insidious actors, it's important for the collective people to remember their present history, hold those emotions, and never forget. 

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