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Jul 28, 2019 15:29:33


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Its funny how simple thing as set a timer can improve the productivity. 

Today I tried to use it for writing a post.

I started low .. the first period was 25 minutes and i just write. I never checked a phone or other websites .. 25 minutes of focused writing .. good start .. then i set another 25 minutes and same success .. The last interval was 15 minutes but in the end I was already losing focus .. still count it as a good experiment .. over an hour of writing even I wouldn't do anything else today I feel I already made enough :) .. 

Maybe I should do more of this Pomodoro based technique.

During my prep for graduation exam i set all the day like that and I could actually make it (it was last minute learning so I had no choice, haha)

I would like to wake up earlier  and work like that before my daily job.

Still not able to wake up (give me some tips @keni :) ). I need to get motivated with some streak, haha . Actually, it's not cuz I wouldn't have enough sleep, usually I am going to bed around 10.30 PM .. so it's doable to wake up early but I can always stay in the bed just a little longer .. I will practice and built a waking up early muscle, hehe.


Stay with me. Efran.

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    @efran - I have only managed to wake up early for 4 days total. I am so unqualified to give tips lol. I am hoping to repeat waking up early this coming week and then maybe I can share a tip or two.
    I think it is most important to sleep early. Before I tried to wake up early, I decided to sleep at 9pm. Until that was set, waking up was not happening. I say try sleeping early. Sometimes that is all you need.
    On that thought - it is 14 min past 9pm.. time to shut down this PC.
    Good night.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 28, 2019 21:14:33
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