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Feb 21, 2019 18:28:42

Post-modern of post-mind that feels like dancing and funny music. (31/333)

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Hello, dear stranger!

Today I had an interesting topic "Why does death exist?" for this article. But I'm so tired! I had a long long long day with a lot of errors in my code (yeah, I used to code for almost all day), so I want to go to bed as soon as possible. 

I decided to don't have a special topic today.

I don't know why, but when I have a special topic, I write better. I guess, that I'm more concentrated and mindful at this time.

Oh, no, I do not focus... I'm writing it for 30 minutes already because I listen to funny music, sing along and dance. 23:10 β€” why not? 

That's so funny. 

Dancing is one of the things that makes me cheerful and peppy. I often dance when I rest between work hours.

I forgot one important thing I wanted to write about...

Oh, I remembered! 

What jokes are the funniest? YES, NOT FUNNY JOKES! My most lovely kind of jokes is not funny jokes. Hm, I guess it's called "post-irony". Post-irony is the best humor for our post-modern world. 

If I am called "Post-Olesya", will I be more futuristic and modern than now? I think that when we add "post" to any word it looks more modern. 

Post-word, post-laptop, post-human, post-floor, post-window, post-love, post-friend, post-sugar, post-sex, post-cup, post-sky, post-night, post-bed, post-sleep, post-dream... Dream, sleep, bed... Mmm...


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