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Jul 22, 2019 22:20:48


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It seems like most tech companies, particularly Apple, are racing to replace laptops and traditional computers with more modern form factors, Tablets, convertibles, and even foldable phones. Yet while those devices have found huge markets I wonder if they could ever really replace traditional computers for the people who use them the most.

When I'm using a smartphone or tablet I always feel a bit restricted. There are always some tasks that I could get done a lot easier with a physical keyboard and mouse. Touchscreens have their own advantages but in productive and creative work are those advantages worth the downsides?

Of course you can attach a physical keyboard and mouse to your tablet and get a more traditional experience. Yet the OSes on most of these devices still have invisible barriers in several places. File management has gotten better but it's still not the same. The range of software and tools isn't either. And most interfaces aren't optimised for a traditional experience.

Is this really the post-PC age?

For the majority of consumers a tablet or even a phone is enough. Maybe traditional form factors will return to the niche status they once held. Mostly used by those who really need its unqiue advantages. But a bit much for the average person.

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    @keenencharles I LOVE your profile sentence <3
    Master Streakbreaker! Oh yeaaaaa!!!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jul 24, 2019 18:55:51
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      @lucjah it fit perfectly 😂

      Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Jul 24, 2019 17:28:39
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    @keenencharles nice observation! I once heard Steve Jobs talk about this issue. He drew an analogy where it's similar to how everyone used to drive a pick-up truck back in the predominantly agrarian days in the US, then as people transitioned out to industrial jobs and city jobs, they switched to cars, though pickups remain but for a narrow segment of users who need that. Same for PCs and tablets.

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 23, 2019 20:18:06
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      @jasonleow do you have a link to that talk? It's the perfect analogy.

      Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Jul 23, 2019 13:01:37
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      @keenencharles oh man sorry I don't remember which one...might be the earlier ones when iphone was just released...

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 24, 2019 15:02:07
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