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Feb 20, 2019 22:56:40


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Recently I've been listening to Youth Lagoon's The Year of Hibernation a lot. It's a quiet album that somehow relaxes me even though the subject matter is pretty deep. It's soothing without being boring. The first track, Posters, has been stuck in my head. It's about self-discovery and change. These lines in particular stick with me.

I started getting older I took it on myself
To find out why I'm the way that I am
But I can't find a conclusion
Though I think I'm getting closer
I know I'm getting closer
My whole wall is filled with posters
My whole life is filled with posters

The words feel applicable at almost any stage of life. You're on a constant journey of self-discovery. It feels like you're getting closer, but do you ever really get there? Maybe it's impossible to truly know yourself at any given moment because you never stay the same.

When you're younger you represent yourself through material things. The way you dress, the way you talk, the posters you hang on your walls. Even as you get older you represent yourself similarly. Posters are a metaphor for the ways we display our passions. They're a shortcut to really sharing yourself with others. You change those posters throughout life as well. You might dress "professionally" as you get older to gain respect or "casually" to seem approachable.

But can these things really describe us? If you never really know yourself, how do you create a description that encompasses everything? Is it even possible? Would you even want to?

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