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Apr 24, 2019 15:57:04

Problem solving in my small business

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Doodling, drawing and problem-solving.

I had a very good discussion with my fellow small business owner today around problem-solving in our businesses.

I learned in the course of working on my business and also while I was studying for my master's degree - problem-solving and looking for solutions in business doesn’t have to be very complicated.

There are a lot of examples of how the biggest innovations were achieved simply by doodling or drawing. A good example is Thomas Watson who invented the DNA structure. He accidentally came to his invention of the structure just by doodling when all techniques failed him.

So instead of trying to look for BIG and direct answers, just make a decision to do some experiments - drawing something and then branch off solutions in the whiteboard. Star there.

Time is important in business and you don’t have to wait for solutions.

Make decisions on the fly while iterating; this is my mantra.

The other problem-solving skills involve your own customers along the journey - your customers will thank you and most of the time will be more than ready to help you solve problems for them and give you feedback.

BUT, not all business problems are created equal as some of these tactics need for you to have a bank balance that can allow you to do the experiments.

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    @chacha - Well written.
    Another vital skill. The kind that can't be automated with a robot.

    Keni avatar Keni | Apr 26, 2019 12:16:52
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      @keni - Thank you!

      My friend has a saying, roughly translated as "let's iterate until we get silly."

      It's very true, you can't automate this skill - you have to get down and work - Quickly!

      maginga avatar maginga | Apr 27, 2019 01:23:25
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