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Jan 05, 2019 14:02:20

Procrastination Strikes

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Gene Lim

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There is always a day in life where you will feel like you want to have some timeout to relax just on the bed. Well actually not a day in life but multiple days in life. You may probably say to yourself, "I will just maybe give myself 2 hours of time to take a nap and that will be enough". After that 2 hours, you will see yourself holding your phone and browse through all the social media apps. The next thing you knew, it was already evening and it is time for dinner. You will then go and cook food or go out for dinner. This also means that you have lost the whole day for not doing anything because it is time for bed again.

It is very common for anyone to be lazy or an even better word to use, procrastinating. This actually happened to me today. It was the weekend and lazy mode always triggers automatically. Since I have started my new job, I was tasked to finish my job scope within a month time, and since it was set to be one month, I always have this attitude to do and leave everything right before the deadline and pressure myself on that last week.

So what I am going to do to over come this is by doing my work in the public from now on. I have been doing my side projects in public but not my full time job works. Since it is my full time job, I may not have the rights to post any codes in the public, but I am allowed to show progression of what I am doing and also screen shots of what is completed. At least by doing it this way, I could give myself more pressure to complete it earlier instead of leaving it to week of the deadline. By doing it this way, I could have more time to do more testing before showcasing the outcome.

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