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Oct 23, 2019 20:25:11

Product launch

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As a maker, one of the most important things I always aim is to build a problem-solving product which will help our users. Even though we have a good idea or good knowledge about products or features, I always try to improve it daily by making changes and redesigning most of it for better usability. I think this is very common with product makers. 

Building a product was always harder for me, from creating a proper conviction on a product idea to set up an appropriate team to work and to prepare a proper roadmap. And this list continues... To be honest, this process is really interesting when you figure out a right team to work with and to spend all your time on a real problem-solving product. 

Iā€™m working on my product for the last two years. As a two member team, it was very easy for us to launch the product on time. We ideate the things we need for launch, prepare a roadmap, and launch on time - everything was organized and fast. And as the product grew well and users started using, we hired some engineers to speed up the product features and goals. But this led to a significant change in our product launch and growth. 

Even if we have a good product and great teams to build, most of the startup fails to ship things on time. They mostly lack on improving the functionality or wait for a complete product. This is something we faced recently! Even though we have enough resources and competent engineers, it was difficult for us to launch on time. And for us, it always takes up to six months to 1 year to launch a feature. And this happens. Even if we have a proper roadmap and trello for product management.

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