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May 25, 2019 13:21:53

Project Food as Fuel at one month

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Brandon Wilson

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One month ago on April 27th, I started Project Food as Fuel. That is, I began dietary changes as directed by the Virta clinic. 

I have written previously about my specific health goals in this post

I radically changed my diet by shifting macronutrients in the following manner: high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. Very low carbohydrates as in 30 grams per day. On the second day of the dietary change, I achieved nutritional ketosis, which is defined as having a blood ketone level of 0.5 mmol/L. I have been in nutritional ketosis for 28 days straight without a miss. There are no cheat days. One bad meal, heck one bad food and it's out of ketosis and climbing back up the mountain.

On April 26th I had my last meal of pizza. This is the longest I have ever gone without pizza. Anyone who has read my Ode to Pizza knows just how significant this fact is.

The cravings are becoming less and less, and I am more in tune with my body in terms of overall hunger. Sometimes it's a bit rough waking up in the morning, but in general, I have more energy throughout the day than I used to. 

The weight loss was rapid in the beginning but it has slowed to a plateau. I have more to lose, but I know it will take time.

I've had to pass on many social events as they tend to be centered around food and drink. Eventually, I will feel more comfortable in these situations with less risk of caving into some craving as time passes. 

One month in the project is a success. One day at a time toward better health.

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    @brandonwilson - CONGRATULATIONS BRANDON!!! Very very proud of you for this decision and execution. You have encouraged me to follow in your footsteps and stay on track.

    Can't wait for the post when you get your A1C under 6%.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 26, 2019 23:50:25
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      @keni As always thank YOU for your support. That A1C is going DOWN!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 27, 2019 08:55:41
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    @brandonwilson Congrats on this streak and the mental fortitude to pull it off.

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | May 26, 2019 08:02:14
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      @Rawhead Thank you sir. It's definitely a mental game. I was working on the mind even before I got my diagnosis. I credit that with the instant decision to reverse this disease as soon as possible rather than follow the usual path of taking meds with no change to lifestyle.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 26, 2019 09:52:07
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    @brandonwilson congrats on 1 month. that must be really tough sometimes. For how long will keep those changes?

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | May 25, 2019 18:09:47
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      @juliasaxena It is tough, but it does get easier. This last week compared to the first week is very different. My treatment with Virta is a one-year commitment at the minimum. I don't know what the long-term approach will be for weight maintenance and overall health. I suspect it will be some form of a cyclical keto diet.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 26, 2019 09:51:16
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      @brandonwilson very cool. I can imagine it helps having someone monitor the progress and tell you exactly what to do and eat. Keep it up :)

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | May 26, 2019 17:56:04
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    @brandonwilson Bravo! Conscious living in any form is essential but often difficult. I believe that "living aware" is the only way to live. So I wish you continued success. Please keep us informed of your progress and the things you are learning and thinking now that you are living aware.
    Thanks for sharing.

    - Mike

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | May 25, 2019 16:49:31
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      @mikebyrnes Conscious living and living aware are both fantastic phrases. I also like to refer to it as getting "out of the matrix." Thanks for reading!

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 26, 2019 09:49:48
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    @brandonwilson - Awesome man! It's always inspiring to read anybody doing a month of anything, so #nopizzastreak?

    Anyway, I'd encourage you to shift away from weight-loss -- and toward gaining threads of muscle. I say threads, because anything you do that pushes through some resistance, will cause those threads to light up. They'll raise their weary heads and ask: "What, are we supposed to wake up?"

    Then, work on just waking up the muscle threads. Don't drill-sergeant them and be a dick about it. ( They'll just hurt. ) Be kind, encouraging, and inclusive. "We can do this. Let's do this. ( your mind to your muscles ) -- at some point, they'll thank you and reply: Awesome! We got this. ( and then they'll be getting the mind out of bed -- saying: "Hey, let's go. This feels awesome. You started this. ")

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 25, 2019 13:31:42
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      @brianball Thank you so much for the encouragement. With weight loss you are right that is not my primary strategy. I mentioned it in part because as part of the program I need to weigh myself every day. Not fun. I completely agree with resistance training. I have been gearing myself up toward that with stretches and basically getting my out-of-shape body ready for long overdue work with hopefully avoidance of injury.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 26, 2019 09:49:00
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      @brandonwilson -- if you're anything like me, you don't relish a day of pain -- so take it slow -- and nudge -- don't shove the muscles into submission. No need to be over-eager. Rather, find something about sport / movement / activity -- that you can get really into. Then, let that be the driver. Also, realize that you don't need to reach some "peak" -- there's nothing to prove here.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 26, 2019 11:09:04
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