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Jan 10, 2019 15:49:57

Project goes live curse

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Finally one of the freelance projects goes live today, I been busy with it since December, going through lots of changes & requests, at one point I scare that project can't complete, but finally, it goes live today and transaction started.

As usual, every project goes live most of the time will have something happen. We were rushing the final part of the project last night, by 12 am every single detail seem like done, and the client informs that they have no more requests, My team and I have a good rest last night didn't need to stay up for any more work.

The media launch is 11 am this morning, around 10:30 am suddenly I find out that there is a bug on the pdf brief that the users were going to buy later, they click on the link in the pdf but can't visit the actual site. Immediately I get my designer to look into this issue. 

It seems like the URL link is too long and broken in our layout. I come out with an idea to use bit.ly to shorten the URL, and it works. My designer replaces all the link, and we replace the file immediatelly by 11:30 am. 30 minute over but it seems like still in the presentation stage, so nobody purchases the package and download the pdf brief yet.

We are lucky, the moment we replaced the file and the transaction email start to appears. The user starts downloading the pdf brief and it was so lucky we manage to fixed all the issue just before the user star to purchase.

It proves one thing to me, every project goes live for sure will have issue happen on the launch date, most of the time we can fix it by the last minute or can be cover during the launch time. Today is just another day that we managed to fix without anyone notice.

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