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Jun 25, 2019 22:15:36

Project Plans

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Solving problems is what everyone encourages you to do when building products for other people. I do think that's important, which is why I'm taking part in the Climate Fixathon. I do think it's also important to build things for yourself or for fun. Sometime fun gets overlooked.

At the start of the year, I planned to complete 4 projects in 2019. I've not made much progress, but during the course of the past few months, I think I've decided on what challenges I want to pursue. They aren't ground breaking, but hopefully they do provide some value.

The Cake Pays

Nay is a baker and she often struggles with managing her prices, and hates her cumbersome spreadsheet. The initial goal is to help manage these prices and send quotes to her clients. The ultimate goal would be a complete management system for bakers, handling quotes, recipes, orders, reminders and financial management. It would be glorious if this become a one stop shop for bakers.


A colleague and I often struggle to keep our posture correct whilst at work. She is more disciplined that I am, but ultimately she uses Slack to yell abuse at her. I'm not sure how this would come together, but I'd like to use this as a basis for another project. I'm envisioning yellow...

Climate Fixathon

We've setup a small team to discuss our goals for this upcoming event. We're meeting tomorrow to discuss this is more detail, but it seems like our plan is going to involve tracking and improving carbon foot prints.

Project #4

My final slot is undecided so far, but I have so many options. I'm coming around to be more focused on others, but I have a growing amount of problems I want to tackle.

As I've discussed, I've enjoyed tutoring, so perhaps it might be an educational based project. Additionally, communication is a growing problem that I personally face, particularly when sharing what you think amongst peers. I've been thinking about how to encourage peers of equal levels to raise problems and encourage or communicate preferred behaviour. Difficult, but perhaps that's a challenge I need?

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