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Aug 06, 2019 22:16:13

Providence [9]

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Tim Subiaco

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We get walking. I’m hungry and Umar seems to be jumping out of his skin. Back in the day, between long lectures and even longer sessions in front of the PS4, we would take walking breaks.

We lived on waterman street, which intersected the main thoroughfare of Brown University, Thayer Street. Thayer had it all, the Brown bookstore, Ben and Jerry’s, Chipotle, the SciLi (the science library, a tall brutalist concrete penis from which a Korean grad student threw himself off the thirteenth floor, apparently he smashed through the window with a frying pan. Over the next few weeks other Korean students came to place flowers on the exact spot where he hit the concrete but the structure of the building caused a wind tunnel effect which blew the flowers into a small yet chaotic whirlwind as soon as they were placed and blowing out the candles in the process).

Umar and I would turn right up Thayer and trade blows like two battleships on the open ocean. We didn’t need to look at each other per se but the conversation ran back and forth, we talked about school, our respective homes, how to survive America and most importantly how to line up our football team in FIFA.

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    Haha great illustration of that korean student. I've always wanted to include a student who threw themselves off a tall, public building in one of my stories. I like the addition of him holding on to a frying pan.

    btw, what's the height difference between Tim and Umar?

    Abe avatar Abe | Aug 25, 2019 15:24:39
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