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Feb 11, 2019 02:06:09

Proving your worth

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Interviewer: I don't care if you have a degree or not. I care that you know useful things. If you can prove it, that's all I need.

How would you respond?

Not how you respond at that moment. How can you respond now leading up till that moment? How can you prepare yourself?

You can...

work on your side projects

It will be good to have some documentation of how you get started and your motivation to build it. What technical challenges did you solve? In fact, having a popular side project could attract potential clients and even employers.

Show them your blog

Blogging about your work is the testament that you know what you're talking. You probably won't convince anyone with one blog post. If you do it long enough, and share what you know along the way, people will follow eventually. Most people mass apply to companies hoping they will fit the role. When actually you should develop the best you can in certain skills and find a role that fits you.

Make more friends

People work with friends. It's fundamental human nature, we like to work with people who we know, like - and most importantly - trust. 

Dharmesh shah has a great quote on this: "Your probability of success if proportional to the number of people that want you to succeed. Work to keep increasing that number.

Some ways you can make more friends:

- tweet/blog/podcast/say something. People become friends when they share something in common. And how can you do that online? By finding what they believe in, talk about, and champion.

- Go to local events. 

- Contribute to a group/community. Are you a lurker in a community? Think about how you can improve it. 

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