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Jul 11, 2019 16:33:43

Pseudo - NZT

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After 10 years of avoiding the pool, I went swimming yesterday.

I wrote about making the decision in a prior post.
I then ordered the suit and other gadgets I need.

Amazon prime shipping - which isn't always a two day delivery - sent the items on Tuesday evening. Wednesday afternoon, I found myself at the pool.

I used to swim several times a week back in the day - but yesterday it felt like a butterfly experience.
The minute I submerged my head underwater - I felt peace and happiness. 
Yes I missed this - I thought to myself.

I didn't have the same stamina I had ten years ago but I managed to swim for 30 minutes.

I then enjoyed myself at the Jacuzzi followed by sauna.

By the end of it all - I was exhausted and my body complained of all the sudden change to the routine.
I should have done the bare minimum on day one.

But approximately 30 minutes after leaving the gym, I felt my energy surge.
And I liked it.
It felt like my body is happy about my return to swimming. It was rewarding me with some serotonin and dopamine.

Maybe I don't need NZT after all. 

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    @keni Glad you did more than dip your toe in the water. :)

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 11, 2019 14:36:43
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      @brandonwilson - :)

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 13, 2019 11:32:45
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    @keni - it's a full-body smile!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 11, 2019 14:04:46
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      @brianball - Indeed. Going to chase that smile all year.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 13, 2019 11:32:31
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