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Apr 19, 2019 06:45:56

Public Holidays that I can enjoy

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Today is public holidays, an actual public holidays that I can really enjoy. Most of the people saying Freelancer don't get to enjoy public holidays, that's might be true if you serve customer internationally, lucky my freelancer clients are mostly local, so when local have public holidays, I can safely go enjoy it.

As a Singapore based registered freelancer that serving customer of Singapore but staying in Malaysia and with 2 kids, I don't really get to enjoy many holidays.

1. If is Malaysia public holidays ( Malaysia got lots of public holidays ), but Singapore is not, I need to work, because of my clients mostly in Singapore.

2. If is a public holiday that both Malaysia & Singapore celebrate, both kids will be at home, most likely we need to spend time with them.

3. If is a public holiday for Singapore but Malaysia is not, this is what I talking about public holidays that I can truly enjoy, the kids go to school, the clients are on leave.

It should be not more than 5 days per year:

  1. Calendar New Year
  2. Good Friday
  3. Singapore National Day
  4. Vesak day

Special one like Christmas Eve, New Year Eve,  Lunar New Year eve is unofficial but most of the times Singapore side not many people working. These are days that I can really get enjoy and looking forward to.

Happy Good Friday to everyone, now shall I spend my day relax or shall I work on my own new journal site or my products?

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