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Feb 21, 2019 20:39:32

Quantify myself on phone

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I talk about Quantify Yourself with tools not long ago, and I am going to share some of the mobile apps I m using to quantify myself on my mobile phone currently.

Good Read - It got web and mobile app, as per mention on the previous post it seems like a good for you to track how many books you read per year, it surprises me even some of the chinese book and technical ebook are available.

Zero - I use Zero to track my fasting, I been trying to practice the 16:8 fasting, I did have some good result last month, but not really so good recently due to I started another performance boost habits which kind cause my fasting will weak, maybe not so good start to start both practices at the same time.

Water Nanny - I started a new habit last month to finish two big cup water in the morning, and I try to increase my water intake this month, which is why I try up this app to remind myself to drink more and enjoy some cute animation as encouragement. One of the significant issues is each cup of water is pre-set one size, it is quite headache if you keep changing different cup to drink ( due to each cup size is different), I might need to get a replacement for this.

Habitfy - I use this as my core habits tracking app but doesn't really work well, lack of motivation to me, or maybe I use it the wrong way. Need to looking into this how to tweak it to suit myself better.

These are the apps that I use on my mobile to quantify myself, let me know if you use any new app to quantify yourself?

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