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Jan 24, 2019 07:44:29

Questioning Capability

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How can we come up with questions? How can we improve this capability to come up with questions?

Before college, I grew up with the education where we have a lot of examinations to test our memory about facts in the history or solve math equations and scientific problems which are already solved.  

Through the experience of research and working in the company, I realized it was more important to doubt the existing common sense, come up with critical questions, and try to validate by myself. I really feel I need to re-train a way of thinking or unlearn the belief that there is a true answer somewhere in the world. In the real world, the last pages in textbooks or teachers do not tell us the answers. 

Our brain is not just storage of scattered facts. To produce a new output through our neural network, the links among the knowledge should be connected. To connect the dots, we need to notice where is missing pieces. 

Nowadays we can easily get access to knowledge through google or wiki. But in order to notice the missing pieces in our brain, we need still the knowledge. 

- Hiro


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