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May 14, 2019 17:51:54

Rain, Rain...Go Away

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Jeff Riddall

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Ok, time for another blustery rant about weather. It's Canada and it's just one of the things we do. A northern right (certainly not a privilege) if you will. I've ranted before about the snow ❄ and now I will rant again about the rain 🌧 and wind πŸ’¨ and general lack of sunshine β›….

The winter this year seemed especially long and drawn out. It was so bad, I had to retreat to the warmer climes of Iceland for some measure of relief. Seriously, though...Iceland. And now, here we are on May 14th, more than a few weeks beyond the first day of Spring and well past the early Spring promised by a groundhog named Willie. Yet, the thermometer🌑has only risen above 10℃ a mere handful of times. Further, it feels like it's been raining ad infinitum.

I know the rain is good for the grass 🌱 and flowers 🌹 and crops 🌾 and such, but it's getting damned well depressing to not be able to go for a walk at lunch or after work. And, at this point, we've had more than enough water to feed the aforementioned. In fact, in many areas to the north and east of us, there is substantial flooding. Rivers have swelled well beyond their banks, dragging docks and homes and all manner of other objects down stream. Last night on the news, I heard farmers complaining about not being able to get to plant crops or cultivate the sprouts they have been able to sow because the fields are saturated. So enough with the waterworks already. 

Now, as I write this,  I sense a blue sky and my phone reports the temperature to be sitting at a favorable 13. At the risk of jinxing my nearby neighbours or perhaps angering Mother Nature 🌬, I hereby demand and announce the arrival of permanently fairer weather. I might do a little two-step sun 🌞 jig as well to tip the scales βš– of fortune in my favour.

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    @Rawhead -Good rant. Fine rant. Here here to good weather. 🍻

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 14, 2019 15:35:12
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