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Oct 16, 2019 16:56:59

Raynor knew they weren't the type who took photos to upload

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After the third drink, Liv said she needed to go home. Jamieson offered her a ride. So then Raynor was alone. Jamieson had paid for everything, so Raynor figured to treat himself to a fourth one. 

The cafe was mostly empty so he moved over to the bar. Greg came over and wiped glass after glass with a white towel.

"Getting cold out there."

"I know. Don't even think I had a real summer."

"What do you talking about? This one was really nice."

"I mean I didn't get to enjoy it at all."

"Travelling someplace dreary the entire time?"

"Kind of, but in my head. Not in real life. I actually wish I had spent the summer someplace dreary."

"Mm. How're things now?"

"The cold is nice. Makes everything feel like it's falling into the right places."

Before leaving, Greg reminded Raynor of the upcoming open-mic event they were hosting..Raynor said he'd be there.

Once home, he tried doing homework again without knowing why he even attempted it. But soon he was on Facebook scrolling through the News Feed. 

The last thing he tried to do was see if he could find an image of Jamieson and Liv somewhere on there. But there weren't any. They weren't the type to take photos and upload them.

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