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May 27, 2019 13:14:27

Re: 9. Career... Re: 10. 200Wad - research... Re: 11. (...) and vaporine

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"Alice, I wonder, what actually it is you're spending time doing?"

"Oh Charlie... it changes, the moment you ask the question is essential!"

"So... what would it be right now?"




"I imagined it's a few minutes of typing...?"

"Yea... common misconception! Sometimes feels insulting!"

"Oh... Heaven forbid! I don't want to insult ANYBODY! Most certainly NOT you!!!"

"Yes Charlie, I know!"

"Oh good!"

"That's why I'll try to explain, what makes writing the 200WaD (I mean, not always of course, but in my case rather often) work."


"It is the, sometimes, extensive reading, wide research on a subject (like on - "vaporine" - for example, or the famous banana peel)"

"Oh yes! Loved that!"

"Well... some, it seems, got fed up with this approach..."


"There actually were some interesting discussions here about WHAT is WORK."

"Oh yes, a very interesting question indeed! Quite antagonising. I mean... the patriarchal standards..."


"Sometimes feels awkward to be a man..." 

"There was actually @itsabhinaya 's weekly topic: Unpaid Roles. For me it was connected with that question exactly.

@abrahamKim wrote in Unpaid roles don't exist

"I don’t view the world only from the context of money. (...) That little thing you do today, whether paid literal money for it now or not, will end up paying you back.

Or @basilesamel mentioned his "stay at home dad and a working mother"... I wonder if my interpretation was right, if he sees his father's work (amazing choice in our society!) as work per se? Basile also stated "[unpaid roles] taught me a lot about myself"."

"But how does it refer to writing 200 WaD?"

"Hmmm... maybe I'm a writer, just nobody realises it yet..."

"No doubt you ARE!"

"Thanks Charlie, you're an amazing listener! That's a skill! Would you call these conversations your career?!"

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    @lucjah thank you <3
    Charlie is a great listener, as any good barman. You're a good reader, as any great writer <3 <3

    PhilH avatar PhilH | May 28, 2019 23:23:48
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      @philh hihi... thanks

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 29, 2019 11:48:55
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