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Aug 01, 2019 23:08:16

Re: Awesome August

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Parent post: Awesome August

I love seeing people set goals for themselves and continue to persevere, despite the setbacks.

I read @craigpetterson's post on the goals he set for himself, and two thoughts popped in my head as I was reading it:

Thought #1: "Set yourself up for success"

We often want to challenge ourselves and stretch ourselves beyond our limits, but this can easily be a recipe for disaster. Why? Because we're stacking the odds against ourselves. 

It's better to set a goal we know we can reach than one where the chances for failure are high.

But isn't that boring? Isn't that unambitious?

Not really. Your small successes will build up into something big. But you want to ensure consistency and that you won't experience resistance when it comes to showing up for your habits.

The "tiny habits" / "stupid small habits" / "atomic habits" idea works. 

And once we show up we can push ourselves further.

"Read for 5 minutes a day" is hard to resist. But once you show up for the 5 minutes, you might end up reading for 20 minutes. At least you didn't feel the task is too boring (or you're too busy) to get started.

Thought #2: "WHY did previous attempts fail?"

Every failure truly is a step towards success, but only if we learn from that failure.

Why did previous attempts fail?

"Lack of motivation" or "life got in the way" aren't reasons for failure, they're facts of life.

You WILL lack motivation (at some point) and life WILL get in the way (because life is the way).

What can you do despite these things? Were there any other, specific reasons for why you struggled to stick to your goals last time? What will you do differently this time?

Best of luck Craig, and all those looking to have an Awesome August!

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