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Jul 12, 2019 09:40:49

Re: Chernobyl

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Parent post: Chernobyl

Yesterday I finished watching Chernobyl myself. Several people recommended it to me and I have to admit, they were right.

I watched the first three episodes the day before yesterday, so I saw the whole series of 5 Episodes with just a day in between.
I think it deserves binge-watching. From what I've read the whole series is pretty accurate to the history of the accident.
Sure, they had to change some things up, basically, some characters stand for multiple people. In example one scientist for several scientists working on the problem. Or one solder, which encounters various emotional extremes within a short range of time. Obviously, he stands for the many of them working in an environment nobody ever encountered.
All in all, it is a really good tv show. They manage to reflect the mood of that time very well, at least in my opinion.
The only thing that makes me really sad and sorry is the fact that this Story about Chernobyl isn't fiction. It is a real historic moment that happened not long ago and costed the lives of thousands of people and animals. And affected millions of people in their lives.
It's been only 33 years since the accident and the catastrophe of Fukushima, only eight years ago shows it could happen again. Anytime.
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