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Apr 28, 2019 17:29:44

Re: First post

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Anna Kaczynski

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“Knowing where to start was the thing I always found the most difficult. The now is wrapped in layers of the past and to explain anything I had to peel back the surface to uncover the source. The past has always been tricky though; you can never be sure of anything, memory is unreliable.” N.T 2019

In nodding acquiescence to my reluctance to begin, I will instead reply and throw another voice into the maelstrom, so much easier to join the conversation than instigate it.

I decided to join this writing community because it is a forum for throw away words, soulful reflection, lies and evidence of a life. It is anything. There is no commitment to an identity, purpose or format. Identity and purpose has always been tricky though.

When I am not committed to be any specific person, when I let continuity go I am more me than ever. Or maybe not.

Just don’t look at me.

I have no coherence and no context, for today this is it. Words are just words, but oh god what they say.

Everything and nothing and just past the mark.

It’s all we have.

It’s all we have.





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    @soulinantarctica Well done! Hope the robot makes it out of the lab in part two!

    Richard Lynch avatar Richard Lynch | Apr 29, 2019 19:19:59
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    @soulinantarctica Congratulations on your first post! I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 28, 2019 10:27:04
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      @brandonwilson Thank you very much :-)

      Anna Kaczynski avatar Anna Kaczynski | Apr 29, 2019 20:26:51
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    @soulinantarctica Welcome to you both! @lucjah, @philh, another couple writing! You have some company :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 28, 2019 18:39:09
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      @basilesamel Thank you Basile! :-)

      Anna Kaczynski avatar Anna Kaczynski | Apr 29, 2019 20:27:11
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