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Jul 15, 2019 16:09:45

Re: Is it better to write fewer posts of a higher quality or a post a day of lower quality?

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I understand your struggle. What helped me was to revisit my framing of what 200W is to me. At first I had framed this website as a 'publishing' place, and so wrote as if everything would be read by people, which would lead to letdowns whenever it felt like certain things weren't read or engaged with. This also erected barriers to writing, because I wrote thinking too much from the readers' perspective rather than my-writer's perspectie.

But somewhere along the line, I stopped expecting externally and instead put all the expectations on me. I quit expecting to have every post read. I stopped thinking of posting here as an act of publishing, and rather more an act of progress, self-progress.

Brandon framed it beautifully when he said that he needs to become a better writer, thus he will write everyday. I'm in a similar long-minded boat in regards to being on 200W. I no longer attempt high resolution calibrations on whether my posts are good or commented on. I only have one long-term northstar, similar to Brandon, although my north-star isn't the same as his. 

That's why I think he and I don't feel the same existential frustration of 'why the hell am I doing this?' when writing here. Because we know that in the long run it leads to something we're purposed for. 

I think without a long-term northstar, any action soon deters into repetition and falls under question. The housebuilder who no longer has a family for whom to build the house will soon question why the hell they are hammering nails all day. The developer making software for a detached group of organization-people will soon wonder why the hell are they writing lines of code. 

So similar to Brandon, I need to become a great storyteller. So it doesn't really matter if a post or a string of posts on here suck. Because I'm not here to write quality posts. I'm here to further my long-term journey. To become a higher quality person, gee fuck posts.

But if you're framing of 200W is that of a publishing platform... a place to show, whereas I see it more as a dojo/gym/school/etc... a place to grow, then yes, I would say that less but higher quality is better. 
I just don't find 200W to be a good publishing platform -- not yet at least -- so I choose to grow here.

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    @abrahamKim well said I completely agree

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Jul 15, 2019 15:34:22
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    @abrahamKim Right on. I, too, am a grower not a show-er.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 15, 2019 18:03:13
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    @abrahamKim wow beautifully written, and inspiring. I think many of us probably went through a similar journey here on 200wad, from it being a place to show to now a place to grow.. It's definitely the latter for me too. Thanks for sharing this insight.

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 15, 2019 22:59:37
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