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Jun 02, 2019 20:10:04

Re: What are the sacred cows of 200wad?

by @lucjah PATRON | 293 words | 34🔥 | 390💌


Current day streak: 34🔥
Total posts: 390💌
Total words: 104685 (418 pages 📄)

I wrote posts about writing posts! Many of them, starting with the very first one, and the very last one.

I wrote posts about NOT writing a posts.

Almost gibberish, for insiders.

In my native language.

Then just the translation of the post in my native language, which strictly speaking is the same post.

When depressed.


Reflections on my [own] reactions.

Just reediting somebody else's post (Bob and the cat OF COURSE!)

On the topic of the week.

OFF the topic of the week (all the rest... almost)

REALLY lame, though not gibberish...

Being tired

Being tired.

Too tired to write.

Being tired, only to keep the streak.

Replies because of being tired.

Being tired WITH 200WaD.

About TyRed.

Sooooooooo tired....

Then rumbling!

Looking at the ceiling...

Using "cut-up technique" which is taking somebody else's text, cutting it and putting back together....

And a cut-up again, yet phrases stolen from the streets.

I wrote a post of 2481 words, it took me 5 days (I was probably posting rubbish in the meantime).

A cut-up of single sentences from many posts.

Being irritated.

About not knowing what to write, in Polish.

Depressed rumbling...

Copying parts of a dictionary.

And inserting huge chunks of online articles, and more inserting, and some more...

Patchworking again.

Repeating one sentence with different spacing.

Splitting one already published text into 5 parts: (1); (2); (3); (4); (5); and yet... one more...

Inserting long quotes.

Putting numbers and statistics.

Being completely exalted.

I hid my posts as private (twice I think), because they belonged to... "You write stuff that's against humanity or universal human values" category, well, I was venting hard...




so many lame Replies to cool posts of others...

So, is there ANY 200WaD Cow Sin I have not committed??? 

I don't think so....

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    @lucjah WOW! You'd done them all! Very niceeeeee...so brilliant 😊👍

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jun 03, 2019 20:28:18
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    @lucjah 🤘you rock!! I wanted to find such examples of @jasonleow's sacred cows being slaughtered, I had no idea that you would tick them all BY YOURSELF!!! 🤣

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Jun 02, 2019 20:50:59
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      @philh yea... pointing them in @ jasonleow 's posts would be a real quality reply, yet, it would be work of days... so it seemed natural for me, always centered on myself, to just browse thru my old texts, as... almost all of The Cows triggered some memory... hihihi

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 02, 2019 21:44:04
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